You have two goals…

If we were to simplify all self help and coaching guides into two goal statements they would be…

1. Do good by others.

2. Become a better you.

The first is regularly covered in ‘purpose’ driven text, ‘life’s meaning’ or ‘reason for being’. The second in ‘self actualisation’, ‘goal setting’ or ‘self development’.

However you read them, both are pretty simple, ‘be good, do good’.

And if you can’t, aim for better. Grow as a person each day through your thoughts, feelings and actions.

You are not a closed book.

Question… how are you ‘growing’ as a person right now? (Waist line not allowed as an answer 😉)

Action… today go out of your way to ‘be’ a better person through ‘doing’ a positive action…hold a door, offer a tip, compliment AND ‘savour’ any positive responses

What’s your FOCUS

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