When shit happens…

Ever get those days when nothing works out?

As I sit in traffic returning an item purchased 60mins ago I can't help but wonder how wasteful this day has been*.

Three quick tools to get over this coming up...

  1. View today as part of this month, one day in 30 doesn't seem all that bad.
  2. What do you expect? "Life ain't all sunshine and rainbows" "let it go"A Rocky or Frozen quote always works for me to accept and move on - find your own words that work for you.
  3. In the time you commit to this other task, use dead time productively... since jumping on the tram I have planned my evening and day tomorrow to maximise work efficiency... and written this post.

As ever, one more.

  1. Remember what is going well, my work isn't but my home office will be upgraded shortly to increase my productivity and enjoyment in my work!

Remember life is entirely what you choose to FOCUS on


*This was written yesterday but my mobile blog posting failed to register...one more to add to the things to go the wrong party... again, reality check...

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