The Happiness Experiment

Want more happiness in your life? Figure out what works for you using this quick tool.

Be a scientist…

Take notes, explore, be curious, measure, track, look for patterns, look for what’s working and what’s not.

And the reality is if research works for you then it works. The experiment of 1 is all that is needed

The experiment

1. On a piece of paper (phone also works but we then have the argument of wether you should be using it late at night) write down the days of the week down the left hand side of the page.

2. Each day at the end of the day (or following morning) rate your day on a 1-3 scale.

1 – my day was rubbish

2 – my day was okay

3 – my day was great.

3. Follow each number with a short explanation of “why you scored that way”

4. At the end of 7 days reflect, where do my 3’s come from – how can I do more of that. And where do my 1’s come from how can I do a little less of that

5. Plan an activity next week that gives you more 3

6. Repeat if necessary, each week reflecting and depending on how geeky you are, look to increase the average weekly score e.g 2.14 – 2.24

Experiment in action

As with any experiment, stay open minded, be curious to find out something new.

Be careful of the ‘I knew that already’ mentality – we often ‘know’ but is it active knowledge or just ‘known’? The difference being one you proactively engage in, the other is there but not used. I know coffee after mid day is no good for me but at 3.00pm yesterday when I had my third coffee of the day I was demonstrating known facts not acted upon.

Alas I digress, play with this and see how you get on. I followed something very similar for 6 months and discovered a lot about myself.

Feel free to share your thoughts and any findings!

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