The Dichotomy of Words

”Words are wind” – Tyrian Lannister

Heads: Words are used to motivate, plan and learn.

Tails: Words provide building blocks for stories we create of why we can not move forward and grow in our lives.

Two sides of a necessary coin, one without the other simply would not work.

Words can mean nothing or everything.

Toss the coin at will and perhaps you sit at 50/50 odds of action or excuses?

Stack the odds in your favour.

  • Share your words with others for accountability
  • Write them down
  • Regularly review them
  • Make your words tangible (google SMART goals)
  • Reward success
  • Forgive failure
  • Neither success or failure is final, it’s courage that counts.

Q. Do your words match your actions or support your excuses?

Eat better, move better and learn to thrive with Habitual.

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