What Our Clients Say

We work within existing schedules making small incremental improvements building up to long-lasting sustainable change. Quite simply we get results. Our practices are evidenced based and measurable meaning we can show progress. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at our testimonials and hear what our clients have to say.

I have been completely blown away by my success. I must admit, while keen, in the beginning, I wasn’t completely convinced I would be successful as I never would have believed I would lose as much as I have and feel as proud of myself as I do. I honestly do not think it would have been possible without starting this process with Habitual. I feel so much healthier and confident in my abilities. What’s more, is I didn’t even feel like it was that difficult. The exercise routines were achievable and I never once felt like I was ‘starving’ myself.”


Chris’ background as an educator and impressive Women’s rugby club and national coaching successes convinced me that I could rely on his professionalism.  I also felt I could trust his approach – while so many promise fast fixes, Habitual insists on a sustainable lifestyle; better (not perfect) choices and healthier (not perfect) habits – with a wellness (not weight loss) focus. The happy, rather unexpected outcome is that b y the end of Habitual’s Kickstarter programme, I had lost over 30% of my total body weight! I don’t want to be known for weight loss (my body is my business), but I do want others to know that Chris’ combination of #FOOD, #FUN, and #FOCUS can improve their life all round (physically, emotionally, and mentally). “


It’s a great supportive program that will allow you to make significant progress in your health while maintaining the aspects of your lifestyle that you enjoy. You learn skills rather than gritting through an arbitrary, punishing and unsustainable program. You develop confidence in your ability, which for someone who hadn’t been physically fit for years was a big shock! In my case I was able to achieve a harder goal than the one I originally set my sights on. There will be setbacks, as there always are, however the supportive, caring and non-judgemental approach with Chris was perfect for me.”


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There are two kinds of people, those who take action and move forward and those who sit back...