Habitual Coaching

Personalised health coaching from one of our expert coaches will support and empower you to develop the habits and tools to reach your own unique goals. All is we do is results-backed and our coaching centers on the four pillars of health: FOOD, FUN, FOCUS & FRIENDS.

Guidance, support, and accountability as standard throughout your coaching program which includes:


  • Explore your values and goals
  • Assess movement range and patterns
  • Complete body composition analysis
  • Mental strengths profiling

Ongoing support

  • Regular contact with your coach
  • Fortnightly habit planning and review
  • Nutrition, fitness and health coaching
  • Personalised fitness plans via App.

And more...

  • Quarterly in-person goals checkup
  • Full 6-month review and profiling
  • Unlimited free FRIENDS events (our group classes)

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Move better, Eat better, Feel better

- Feel better than ever

- Develop emotional awareness

- Create a consistent diet and training

- Be part of something new