Savouring, why bother?

Savouring has time and time again been shown to produce lasting psychological benefits to wellbeing, but what is it?

Remember that event yesterday when that person made you smile, or the giggle from your friend as you both shared a joke. Well that moment is your ‘unicorn poo’ that special gift to remember, dwell on and savour.

Savouring could be, a song you enjoyed, a thought, a walk in nature, a deep breath in the shower, a kiss, a holiday…

It’s easy to recall all the shit that goes on (we are wired that way), but actively seeking to savour moments can help us rewire and actively contribute to our wellbeing.

Today after a few tough nights with our newborn Max, I’m savouring his little smile when he needs the loo… it’s more a grimace but looks so cute!

Happy or needing the loo?

Question… what can you savour from yesterday?

Action… look for moments today that bring you joy, peace or happiness.


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