Mind Matters (Part 1)

In Mind Matters, we break down questions such as...

  • Why does life suck some times and some times feel great?
  • Why don't we always perform when we need to?
  • Why do we freeze up under pressure?
  • Why can't we be a little more consistent?
  • Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Each "microblog" we dissect one question and offer actions to support progress.

Today we explore why do we freeze under pressure? (This may be why can't I talk to X, why do I say Y when I don't mean it, why do I get so embarrassed in front of z)

Q. Why do we freeze under pressure?

We are wired to respond to a situation in a given way. We may have grown up with this (genetically influenced and socially reinforced by our parents) or learned over a period of time (friends, Internet, practice at school or clubs).

Wiring is pretty fixed unless we do something about it. And we can do something about it. We will always do what we have always done especially in 'higher arousal states' (caused by pressure, out of comfort zone).

We can change how we respond if:

  1. We acknowledge and understand that our brains are able to adapt and rewire
  2. We practice a given situation with increasing real-life pressures.
  3. We focus on the process, not the outcome. I like the If-then rule, i.e. If I see my potential date - then I take a deep breath, stand up tall and FOCUS on pausing before speaking).

One more...

  1. We practice how our inner voice talks to us. Whether you call this your inner coach, your chimp, devil/angel or simply self talk - what is it saying to you and how is it saying it? "take a pause and go again" is far better than "you messed that up, you idiot"

These 'microblogs' are purposefully brief. Time is precious, take action and learn about yourself. We will still be here tomorrow.

Go and play.


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